Work From Anywhere As A Virtual Assistant

Could It Really Be Possible...

You dream of being your own boss; of spending more time with family and friends, paying your debt, traveling the world, and choosing your own work hours. 

But you just don't know where to start.  

Your head is spinning with all the different courses, products and get-rich-quick schemes out there promising instant results. You might have even tried a few and discovered that many of them produce ZERO results. I'm sure you're tired of wasting time and money trying to find practical training and resources to get you on the right track.

Believe me...I've been there! When I started my career as a virtual assistant I was lost and figured everything out through trial and error. 

Today, I’ve put together, in one place, all the knowledge, and experience you'll need to get it right...FROM THE BEGINNING.

Course Curriculum


What's included?

24 Videos
27 PDFs
Marie Hernandez
Marie Hernandez
Travel Holic

About the instructor

I'm Marie, your instructor. Although I may be on a sponsored trip sitting on a beach with a drink in my hand, trekking Gorillas in Rwanda, or sipping Chianti in Tuscany, I will always be available to answer your questions and hold your virtual hand. I've designed the course so it is easy to follow, full of resources, can be applied easily, and is fun to work through!

If you do need me, message me on Facebook at Sponsored Travel With Marie, or email me at

Enjoy the course and let me know when you get your first sponsor!

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